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Choosing the Best Kitchen and Bathroom tiles

Determining the right tiles for your kitchen or bathroom is fun when you have the right information. Because there are so many types of tiles on the market to choose from your mind can really be set free. For the most durable kitchen or bathroom tile Kansas City homeowners can search locally or online.

Here are a couple of aspects to look at before choosing tiles for your remodeling project. First, let’s consider the durability of the tiles you are going to buy. You know walking into Home Depot or Lowes that with so many options on display (or special order in their catalog) you can almost have your hearts’ desire.  Now if the wallet can match the desire is another discussion.  Here are some of the popular choices:

Bathroom Tiles

  • Ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tiles are one of the best options for your bathroom or kitchen. Usually, they are good for kitchen countertops and floors. When it comes to wall tiles, the styles can change a little to provide accent to the other tiles in the room. We want to consider a little better quality tile for the floors because of foot traffic and dropped items.
  • Natural stone has been used as flooring substance for many years. They are still commonly used today in modern kitchens and bathrooms. The natural stones are strong and durable. In fact, they are perfect choice for bathrooms and can add a unique environment to a room.
  • Synthetic tile is friendlier on the budget. For some the price savings isn’t worth it and they have a particular look they are trying to achieve.

Kitchen Tiles

Like the bathroom, there are many options to choose from. Remember if you don’t see the color or design on display on the floor, ask for the catalog.  We want to consider temperature ratings if using tile on the countertops in case a hot pan is accidentally placed on the tiles.  Sealing tiles from liquid spills is also important.  Floor and backsplash tiles can be similar as in the bathrooms.

When choosing bathroom or kitchen tiles, you need to check on the texture. Generally, textured finish tiles are less slippery than smooth or shiny ones. Especially in areas that are prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens, tiles with rough texture can actually do better.  Double checking before buying to make sure you have the right kind of tiles never hurts because they can’t be returned after we install them.


Choosing different sizes of tile can lead to interesting designs and accents. Large tiles are appropriate for floor and wall applications and can be accented with smaller, colorful tiles. Before buying, let’s talk to make sure you’re getting what you need. We can best determine the best type of tile Kansas City.

With so many options to choose from out there you really can design what you’re looking for. Consider doing your homework pretty well to ensure that you make the right choice of kitchen or bathroom tiles. Always double check to make sure you using the correct tiles in each situation.





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