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The Best Kitchen Tiles

In the kitchen, tiles play an important role in personality and mood.  There are many tiles with varying qualities and properties.  Of course, you want the best tile for your kitchen and Jabez Improvements can assist you in that process.  We will evaluate your budget and also how much we can get done from your “wants” list.  We often find along this scale of wants and budget there is often a happy medium.

Tiles are usually requested on the counters, floor, and wall.  It is very affordable to have tiles replaced or put in during kitchen remodeling.  We have been doing Kansas City kitchen remodels for years and have perfected our skills as a top tile contractor Kansas City.  Have you seen our portfolio section on this site of some of our work?

Listed below are some of the common countertop tiles used in most kitchens.  All vary in style, color, design, texture, pattern, price, and durability.  This list can be a good starting point to find the best option for you and your family.

Ceramic tiles – This style is made from natural clay that has been baked in order to eliminate excess moisture. Usually, they come in a wide variety of colors and designs. In fact, you can find one that complements well with your kitchen decor. These tiles are affordable and easy to install. They are waterproof and can withstand high temperatures from hot dishes. The only drawback is that they can crack or chip if heavy objects are dropped on them.

Mosaic tiles – These ones come in tiny 1-inch square units. They are usually sold in form of huge sheets which are attached to a mesh backer-board. This makes them easy to install. These tiles can be mixed to make a certain unique texture or pattern. They are also durable. A great advantage with mosaic tiles is that they are colored all the way through. Thus, a chip or crack will not be visible as in the case of ceramic tiles.

Granite tiles –  Granite is a natural stone product that is extensively known in kitchen decor. Granite tiles usually have mottled surface that helps to hide dirt and fingerprints. It is incredibly strong and durable. These tiles have to be sealed after installation at least once every year.

Quartz tiles – These types of tiles look similar to granite while offering superior performance. They are usually made from crushed quartz crystals that are pressed together using resin. The tiles have a smooth and uniform surface with a consistent grain. They are slightly more expensive than granite and can serve you for a long time. Unlike granite, quartz tiles do not need any sealing since they are entirely nonporous. It is not easy to repair quartz as it is with granite.


We can look at your plans and we will help you through the process of installing new tiles in your kitchen.  We will assist in finding the best option for your kitchen’s personality and your wallet.  You’ll have a thorough understanding of what will happen throughout the installation process.  Our workers are highly qualified and trained for many years.  Call Jabez Improvements to start the process of remodeling today.





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