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Why Sunrooms and Enclosed Porch are Popular Home Additions

Imagine walking “out” of your house to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine with all your favorite plants growing and thriving and there’s snow on the ground outside.   With a sunroom, get to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors – bright sunshine, warmth of sun, seeing nature outside all while protected inside your sunroom or enclosed porch. Now you can view the wonders of mother nature while being sheltered from unfavorable weather conditions such as wind and rain.

If you’re considering constructing a sunroom or enclosed porch in your home, we can help you in the decision process. This is important because such a project cannot be tackled by an amateur.  Because you are adding to your home’s structure, you’ll want professionals to install the addition.  At Jabez Improvements we are not only concerned about the integrity of the structure today, but the long term stability so it doesn’t damage your house.  We will plan all the details of the process from start to finish before the installation even begins.  You’ll be involved in the planning before the installation.  We will also keep you updated and informed on what is happening with your sunroom the entire time.  Remember that you want a structure that will not only look attractive in your home, but also one that will serve you for years down the road.

Remodeling Kansas City

One of the benefits of having a sunroom is that you will be able to have better place to relax. It is also a nice place for guests. Sunrooms are also a way for heating and lighting your home. The way this structure is constructed and the materials used can actually provide your house with extra lighting and heating. The materials that can be used to construct it include wood, bricks, blocks, glass or PVC. Bricks or wood can only be used to make up the main support. The roof can be of glass panel, allowing sunlight to flow in.  We can design the room to provide the most sunlight, most warmth, most privacy, most view, etc.  There are different aspects we can apply to achieve what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, enclose porches are also important and useful add-ons to your home. Having your porch enclosed will eliminate pesky insects from keeping you company.

Enclosed porches combine the best of outdoor and indoor living into one. The level of comfort and ease of indoor living is matched to the natural aspect of the outdoor space in a very unique package that proves a pleasant stay throughout the year.

Enclosed porches can be done in a various designs. If you are considering an enclosed porch, it is always good to consider several aspects.

  1. When researching several enclosed porch plans consider looking at different enclosed porch plans that will provide inspiration for your own unique design project. What fits your style? Do you picture yourself spending hours reading your favorite book?
  2. It is good to consult a professional contractor for design options. As a Kansas City general contractor we have the know-how and experience to complete the project based on your design recommendations and on your individual needs. Jabez Improvements are professionals in this field and will assist you in the process of installing your sunroom.






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