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Your Guide to the Most Popular Kitchen Counter Top Materials

With a myriad of choices of kitchen countertop materials, picking the right one for your kitchen remodeling project may not be that easy. When deciding, keep in mind your end goal of what you want your kitchen too look and feel like.  Kitchen counter tops play a large role in the character and mood of a kitchen. The counter top material you choose should be able to withstand the kitchen activities and be within your budget.  For kitchen remodeling, we suggest extensive research for countertops because of the expense and the length you have to live with your decision every day for a long while.

Outlined below a list of some of the best kitchen counter top materials you can choose for your kitchen remodeling Kansas City.

  1. Soapstone kitchen counters – Soapstone is a material that is commonly used in laboratories due to its resistant to stains and bacteria.  It is actually a durable option for your kitchen remodels.  Some people don’t care for the smooth look or texture of soapstone so make sure to see and touch what you’re considering buying.
  2. Granite kitchen counters –  Granite is a natural stone with unique grains, customized finishes, and colors. When properly sealed, it is one of the most durable options for your kitchen countertop.  There are options that make this reasonably affordable.
  3. Copper kitchen counters –  Although it is not a very common material, copper countertops are very easy to clean and maintain.  Copper can blend well with the decor of your kitchen.  It is also a durable material.  You may want to consider the long term wear since it can show mars and dings over time.
  4. Tile kitchen counters –  This is one of the most affordable counter top materials that most homeowners go for.  A ceramic or stone tile is incredibly durable.  Jabez Improvements is the right Kansas City tile contractor to install it for you.  Have you seen our portfolio of tile work?
  5. Wood kitchen counters –  A high quality wood can make a wonderful kitchen countertop. The wood must be sealed well, making it a beautiful and long-lasting option. The price varies depending on the type of wood you choose.
  6. Zinc kitchen counters –  Zinc countertops are not common in most modern kitchens. But you should note that this metal has antimicrobial properties, which makes it smart choice for a cooking area. When installed properly, it will last for a long time.
  7. Plastic laminate kitchen counters –  This style can work with any design due to a myriad of customizable edges and finishes. However, it is not the most durable material to opt for.
  8. Recycled glass and cement kitchen counters –  Although it is costly, a combination of glass and cement makes a very sturdy and long-lasting kitchen countertop.  Also, it is Eco-friendly and customizable.  It lasts forever, so choose wisely.
  9. Marble kitchen counters –  Marble has a timeless, classic look. Note also that marble is softer than granite and therefore can stain easily.
  10. Concrete kitchen counters –  This makes one of the best kitchen counters. With the right sealer, concrete can make a durable kitchen countertop.  Concrete is also not very expensive, so it often fits within many budgets.  Designs and colors will determine pricing.

Whatever option your research finds for you, we at Jabez Improvements can help with any aspect you need help with.  We have been remodeling Kansas City for years.  You can call us at 816-






Kitchen Remodel Kansas City

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