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The two main categories of plumbing pipe are metal and plastic. Plastic plumbing are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PEX pipe, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), and PolyPipe. On the other hand, metal pipes include copper, stainless steel and galvanized steel metals. When shopping for plumbing pipes, it should be noted that not all pipes are effective and suitable for all type of homes. Each type is used for particular plumbing requirements and this can only be determined by an experienced home builder Kansas City.


Different Types Of Plumbing

PVC pipe

PVC pipe is a type of plumbing pipe that is mainly used to handle the flow of high pressured water. PVC pipes are available in a wide range of standard sizes – ranging from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter. It should be noted that PVC pipe is only designed to work with cold water as hot water flow tend to warp the pipe.


CPVC is a variant of PVC pipe made with extra chlorination. CPVC pipes come with distinctive yellow color, and are made to handle both hot and cold water. CPVC is comparatively more flexible and made with greatly thinner walls. These come with a same diameter as copper pipe. This is to increases its range of uses. This is the reason CPVC pipes are commonly preferred by home builders in Kansas City.

PEX Pipe

It is also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipe. PEX pipe was first introduced in the market in the 1920s, but became popular in recent years. PEX pipes also have the same outer diameter as CPVC and copper pipes. These can be used for both hot and cold water and thus, prefered for most areas especially when remodeling Kansas City.

Pex is flexible and is ideal for running new plumbing lines through existing walls.  If you’re considering remodeling a bathroom and need to run new water lines, pex may be the choice for you. PEX pipes are easily available at Lowes and Home Depot and come in a creamy white color, red and blue shades.

Poly Pipe

PolyPipe is a thick black pipe that is mainly used to transport highly pressurized water – to and from the home. Poly pipes are used exclusively outdoors, and buried underground to prevent them from freezing. These are extremely rigid, and may not be suitable for use for any other purposes. Make sure you talk to your Kansas City home builder, if you are considering these options.


Copper is most commonly preferred plumbing pipe in residential properties. Even though it is more expensive than plastic pipes, they are used for their resistant to corrosion properties. These pipes can withstand extremely high temperatures without any hassle. Copper pipes are usually available in three different sizes – M, L, and K type. Type M comes with very thin walls, type L has medium thickness, and type K has the maximum thickness of the three. Most general contractors Kansas City prefer using Type L for residential use.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes are commonly used in homes, typically to carry high pressure water in and out of the property. Galvanized coating on these pipes prevents rusting. These are durable and long lasting. Galvanized pipes are available in sizes between 1 inch and 2 inches (5.1 centimeters) in diameter.


Whether remodeling or building a new home know there are different options for plumbing so if you can imagine where you want water run, most likely we can get it there.





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