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Benefits of Building a New House vs Buying an Old House

Earlier, buying new homes were considered to be more costly than older homes. However, this is not true across the board. Depending on what you’re needing making a house fit your needs can be more cost effective.  It is a fact that modern construction has become a lot cheaper and this is a reason why building a new house is becoming a popular again among new homeowners. Here’s a comparison between buying a new home and old house. This at least provides another consideration when making your decision to buy.


When it comes to choosing a location, old homes do not give you much choice. You have to settle down for the properties that are available for sale and it is a possibility that you won’t like the location. On the other hand, buying land in the locality you prefer and building a new home as per your requirement solves this issue.


Existing or old homes are less expensive because of the increasing land costs. However, ownership costs are more predictable in a new home, especially when you consider the cost of remodeling or upgrading an older home. Older homes often require more upkeep.  We suggest you do your homework before you make assumptions of which type of home is best suitable for your budget.

Design and Living Space

Since building and construction costs were lower in the past, it means more money for the person purchasing a resale. In fact, resale basement might have been finished out decently for extra living space. However, new homes employ more innovative and energy efficiency uses of property and square footage.


When you decide to build a new home, it’s possible to choose your own flooring, color schemes, appliances, kitchen cabinets, custom wiring, phones, speakers, computers and more. You can consult a Kansas City home builder and enjoy numerous upgrade options that go best with your property. Some modern features like extra-large closets, bathrooms and media rooms are also easily achievable in new construction. In an old property, you have to settle with the previous owner’s technological whims and tastes. In addition to this, when making changes, you’ll need to consult a remodeling company in Kansas City about remodeling and upgrading, which means added cost.

Energy Efficiency

This is one of the most important benefits of new homes built by Kansas City home builders. Home builders in Kansas City are able to use energy efficiency building materials, such as thicker insulation, energy star windows and other design concepts that lower future energy consumption for the owner. This helps you save a lot of money on your energy bills.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you have kids or not, choosing a house in a good school district is a must for resale value.  When it comes time so resell your house your pool of buyers increases when your house is located in the better school zone.

In many cases, it can be said that new homes make better sense, but make sure you find a good Kansas City home builder for the job. However, if you want a traditional living experience and budget doesn’t allow for new construction, buying an existing house might be the better option.

Jabez Improvements can help you either way.  We can provide estimates for remodeling or building your new house.  Just let us know how we can help.







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