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Kohler Bathroom Fixtures

Kohler, as a brand has been recognized for its environmental protection efforts and their achievements for making water conservation products. Kohler bathroom fixtures are specifically designed to reduce the waste of water, while maintaining sufficient water pressure.

For two consecutive years – 2008 and 2009, Kohler was recognized as the first “Watersense” manufacturing company in the world. Due to its constant efforts, all the products from this brand are considered to be very innovative.

Kohler has come up with a wide range of innovative bathroom fixtures for bathroom remodeling. Whether you are looking forward to getting a bathroom remodel or just update the fixtures, Kohler can be a good brand to start your shopping. All the ranges by Kohler allow for ease of use, and come with sleek design and adjustability features. Kohler has always been offering premium range of bathroom fixtures at affordable prices.

Buying Kohler Bathroom Fixtures – Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City

The first and foremost consideration when buying bathroom fixtures is to determine your requirements and budget. Make a list of fittings that you need to add or replace in your bathroom. Your bathroom remodeling plan should take into account the fittings, finishes, quality, functionality and overall look of the fixtures to ensure better outcome. Here is the detailed information about the type of bathroom fixtures that you can find at Kohler’s, whether you choose to shop online or offline.

Sink and Bathtub Faucets

Sink and bathtub faucets come in a wide variety of configurations. The faucet range from Kohler starts with single handle style and move up to double handle and wall mount. Since sinks are pre-drilled they might accommodate only certain kinds of faucet. On the other hand, installation of bathtub faucets may also be restricted due to some space limitations. Make sure you check out the entire range of faucets available at the store before making the purchase.


Showerheads by Kohler are designed to reduce water usage, as well as equipped with many modern features. They can massage, pulsate, mist and work amazingly hard to make sure your shower routine is much more than just having a wet body. The wide selection of showerheads by Kohler range from fixed shower heads, to the ones that come with hand-held attachment, and some are even available in more elaborative combination of specialized spray bars.

Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks by Kohler are available in varied styles, ranging from wall mount to pedestal and vanity top to self-rimming sinks. Most variety of bathroom sinks that you find at Kohler’s come in pre-drilled condition that can accommodate only a particular style of sink faucets. Other options that you can look for in a different selection include drilled sinks that can provide you with good amount of flexibility. Your bathroom remodeler Kansas City should help you make a better choice.


Every bathroom may not be able to accommodate large bathtubs, and this is the reason Kohler has come up with a wide range of options in terms of sizes. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can choose from the most luxurious options that Kohler has to provide. Depending upon the space availability, you can also choose to opt for small sized tubs for your next bathroom remodeling Kansas City project.





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