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Basement Lighting and Warm Flooring – Why You Need Them

A lot of people do not really pay close attention to lighting and proper flooring in the basement. There can be many reasons, but cost of installation and material is often one of the deterrents from a basement remodel.  In this post, we’ll discuss why you might consider getting good lighting and warm flooring installed in your home.

1.) Adds To Property Value

Needless to say, having a finished basement is a desirable feature and who wouldn’t want the extra space.  Also any potential home buyers would love to buy a home with pre-built basement. Adding warm flooring and lighting features will add substantial value to your home in terms of both aesthetics and monetarily. Having done basement remodeling Kansas City will have the potential to attract buyers as most of them prefer to pay more for a property that already have a well-built home from top to bottom. Of course, the total value of your property increases based on appraised values.

2.) Adds More Space

Basement remodeling Kansas City will add extra room in the property. Best part is that the added space can be used in number of different ways, allowing you to have extended kitchen or entertainment. You can also redistribute all the other rooms based on the size of your basement. Having extra space is never a problem and a well-built basement is a good way to add extra space to your home with aesthetics intact.

3.) Ample Lighting

A well-lit basement is the best way to add extra living space in your home. Many have been in a drab, dull basement and felt like they were in a “pit”.  Have you been in a basement with bright walls and proper lighting?  If you have you know the environment is the same as the main living levels.

4.) Warm Flooring Kansas City

Sometimes basements can feel cold in Kansas City because the floor is so cold.  One tip to help save some money is to increase the padding under your carpet and then a lower grade carpet can be used.  When using a thick pad you are much more comfortable sitting and playing and even just walking.  We translate the feeling into to a luxury because most houses usually upgrade their carpet.

When looking to add flooring and lights to your basement remodel, you must take into consideration the design, space, and style of your home. These factors play an important role if you want to choose the right type of flooring and lights for your basement. If you lack windows and natural light in the basement you can purchase bulbs that are more like daylight.  5000K bulbs are most like natural daylight but everyone has a different preference.  If you are thinking to add more rooms in your home, having a well-built basement is what you will have to invest on. Not only will you benefit from extra living space, but the value of your property increases too.  Make sure you hire a Kansas City general contractor to get the work done in a proficient way. Hiring an expert basement remodeler Kansas City services should help you make the right choice in terms of materials and designs that needs to be incorporated in your idea of a perfect basement remodel.









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