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Why Finish Basement

If you shy away from finishing your basement, or keep postponing your idea because of the huge cost involved, you might have already realized that your basement is worth more than what you think of it and sooner or later you’ll have to spend money to get it finished. If you are still in dilemma, read on the benefits of basement remodeling. These 8 benefits should help you make up your mind to hire a basement remodeler Kansas City today.

Why Should You Consider Basement Remodeling?

  1. Increased Home Value – Remodeling the basement and making it aesthetically appealing and functional offers the best price to any homeowner thinking of selling their property. Increased square footage of living space and adding a convenience like bathroom or a small powder room will also help you get relatively higher cost.
  2. Flexibility – When we talk about main level of the property, you need to take into account a lot of factors before you finally come up with an interior theme, colors and furniture items. This is because you want to coordinate your rooms well together. This is not the case with basement remodeling. You are allowed more freedom while choosing floor plan and colors for your basement.
  3. Increased Resale Options – Spacious homes with lots of space have become high in demand. Families want to own a home where they can organize different things at different levels to secure privacy and safety. With finished a basement, you improve your chances of finding more potential buyers in the market.
  4. Added Space – If you always wanted to have a mini home theatre or a private gym at home, you can always use a finished basement to get one. A finished basement looks aesthetically pleasing and can accommodate a lot of different ideas that are impossible to incorporate in the main level. In addition to this, an experienced basement remodeler Kansas City knows that adding one or two bedrooms in the basement to increase the home value by 25%.
  5. Room For Extended Family – If your main level doesn’t have many rooms, you might want to use your basement for your extended family. Many households are finishing their basement for aging parents. You can make a separate bathroom, kitchen and exit or just a playroom for your kids to make the space more enjoyable.
  6. Add Luxury For Less– From simple TV rooms to luxurious home theatre, surround sound, and tiered seating, you can utilize your basement in a lot of entertaining ways. You can also add pool tables and make it a game room with a mini bar. Now your friends and family can come over and enjoy themselves.
  7. Rental Income – Basement remodeling could make a good way to add rental income. Many people use their basements to rent out and it can help you pay off your debts or simply take care of your utility bills.
  8. More Organizational Space – Homeowners don’t really make best use of their unfinished basement. But when you have a finished basement, you can get more organizational space in the form of storage and shelving.

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Basement Remodeling Kansas City

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